New Braunfels Ghost ToursThe historic town of New Braunfels, Texas, is a gem of the state. Located between San Antonio and Austin, this beautiful Texas city is an ideal getaway full of entertaining and relaxing experiences. From the earliest years of human inhabitance to its settlement by German royalty and beyond, New Braunfels is steeped in history. As you will discover, much of this history is macabre, centered around bizarre paranormal experiences and grisly murders. If October puts you in the mood to hear grim stories of the past, then New Braunfels Ghost Tours should find its way onto your schedule. A stay with New Braunfels Escapes will provide you with fantastic deals on the city’s best vacation rentals. Make your way to New Braunfels and prepare to be spooked!

Historic Downtown New Braunfels

New Braunfels Ghost ToursIn 1845, German immigrants led by Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels settled this Texas land and established the city of New Braunfels. This hard-working German community built many of the businesses and buildings still in use today. The new and better life which these immigrants came for was not had without scandal, murder, and tragedy, however. The beautiful and historic New Braunfels downtown is home to many dark events. Guests and visitors alike report hearing voices and seeing apparitions of long-lost townfolk in the downtown saloons and hotels. Take a walk with New Braunfels Ghost Tours and witness the area’s most haunted locations.

Things to Remember

The New Braunfels Ghost Tours is an outdoor walk, so we suggest wearing comfortable footwear and dressing in layers. The tour will continue in the event of light rain, but if lightning strikes or it begins to pour the walk may be canceled. While the ghost tour is not a haunted house experience, the content is rather dark and unsettling. Because of this, we suggest children younger than 12 years old do not attend. New Braunfels Ghost Tours is a 90-minute experience that takes you around the most active paranormal and storied sites in the city.

New Braunfels Escapes

If you are a history buff searching for an interesting perspective on the City’s past, or a lover of the paranormal looking for the area’s best spooks, New Braunfels Ghost Tours are perfect for you! Embark on this unique experience while vacationing with New Braunfels Escapes and enjoy the scarier side of this wonderful destination. Visit the New Braunfels Ghost Tours website for more information on how to book your tour.