It’s no secret that most people who visit New Braunfels hail from nearby San Antonio or Austin. Many of these vacationers revere our historic city for its caverns, country music venues, and, of course, the Comal River, the “longest shortest river in the world.” However, the area’s Guadalupe River fishing scene, particularly its thriving Texas trout population, is as good as it gets. The river itself is often regarded as one of the finest trout streams in the U.S. In recent years, several reputable Guadalupe River fly fishing guides have opened shop in or near the city, much to the delight of visiting anglers. While you don’t need a guide to traverse the landscape, their collective expertise will ensure that your adventure bestows some of the greatest fly fishing thrills of your lifetime.

Guadalupe River Fishing at a Glance

The majority of our modern, yet affordable Guadalupe River house rentals are within earshot and eyesight of this serene river, which eventually spills into the Gulf. Yes, Guadalupe River fishing takes skill, patience, and creativity, just like any other nearby stream. But the river is stocked to the brim with trophy rainbows, as well as a diverse array of species. Interestingly enough, the river was initially stocked with Texas rainbow trout (typically in the 14-to-16 inch range) back in 1966 by none other than Lone Star Beer; raise your glass to an American classic! Today, the river is stocked several times during winter. Thus, the peak rainbow season runs from mid-October through late May.

Photo of a Bass Caught Thanks to One of the Best Guadalupe River Fly Fishing Guides.As the southernmost trout stream in the country, the Guadalupe is a magnet for avid anglers who enjoy the serenity of Texas Hill Country. Not to be overlooked is the booming bass population, as largemouth, smallmouth, striped, and Guadalupe bass (Texas’ state fish) worm their way through these crisp waters. You just may also wrangle a Texas cichlid, longnose gar, or carp during your daily travels. Now, let’s shine a light on some of those top-tier Guadalupe River fly fishing guides that seem to gain more and more attention by the day.

Guadalupe River Fly Fishing Guides

The city’s steady rise of inhabitants has intensified the need for knowledgeable, charismatic Guadalupe River fly fishing guides. Because the daily bag limit is only one trout under 18 inches, the experience is all about the sport, rather than the day’s haul. Reminder: The bass season virtually never ends, while the trout swarm from autumn through spring. So, if you plan to visit this summer, you better bone up on your bass fishing techniques. Otherwise, these seven Guadalupe River fly fishing guides will certainly use this opportunity to upskill your angling repertoire. The outfitters listed below are ranked, based on experience, customer feedback, and trip variety.

Guadalupe River Vacation Rentals

Photo of a Riverside Patio Just Minutes Away from the Best Guadalupe River Fly Fishing Guides.The perfect place to start and finish each day of glorious Guadalupe River fishing is inside one of our waterfront homes, fully equipped with large decks, fire pits, kitchens, and river access. Each house varies in style, size, and location, but they’re all undoubtedly fit for a well-deserved escape from San Antonio or Austin. The city also boasts a collection of sublime BBQ joints, sleek coffee shops, absorbing museums, and rousing live music venues. To browse through our extensive selection of Guadalupe River cabins, please visit us online. You may also give us a ring at 830-632-5455; we’re happy to help!