new braunfels museumsWhether you’re a history buff or simply in search of a relaxing mid-day activity, there are several engrossing New Braunfels museums worthy of your time here in Texas Hill Country. New Braunfels, Texas, was founded in 1845 by German colonists, who quickly named this new American city after Braunfels, Germany, a charming town north of Frankfurt that features rolling hills, large cathedrals, and half-timbered homes. New Braunfels was founded less than a year before Texas was granted statehood. Our area is known for its live music scene, beautiful rivers, and, of course, its various museums. New Braunfels Escapes has dozens of rustic yet modern vacation rentals, many of which dwell near the beautiful Guadalupe River. Our Guadalupe River house rentals are a short drive from these three unique New Braunfels museums.

New Braunfels Railroad Museum

The free New Braunfels Railroad Museum is a perfect pit stop for families, couples, and groups looking for a taste of local history and a short break from the water. After a lunchtime pesto grilled chicken sandwich at Huisache Grill and a wild ale at New Braunfels Brewing Company, take a short stroll to the New Braunfels Railroad Museum. Observe their intricate model train set, board the retired 0-6-0T Porter locomotive, and learn about the history of these busy Union Pacific railroad tracks, which still see over 30 trains roll through per day.

Sophienburg Museum

To learn about New Braunfels’ absorbing history, visit the Sophienburg Museum, only 3.5 blocks from the rail yard. Learn about Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels and his group of German colonist’s journey to Texas. This New Braunfels museum is named after Fort Sophienburg, also known as “Sophie’s Castle,” which was never built. Sophie was Prince Carl’s fiancée. Through a serious of artifacts, photographs, maps, and documents, you’ll learn about every New Braunfels era. After your tour, stop at the gift shop for a fun knick knack before returning to your charming New Braunfels vacation rentals.

New Braunfels Fire Museum

The New Braunfels Fire Museum is a hidden gem if there ever was one. Examine four fire “trucks” dating from 1886 to 1950 in the heart of historic downtown New Braunfels. Set up a tour by contacting Lieutenant Greg Guenther at 1-830-221-4200. This small yet engaging museum also has hundreds of items on display, such as brigade buckets, communication gear, spanner wrenches, nozzles, and helmets.

new braunfels museumsRiverfront New Braunfels Rentals

You’ll always be minutes away from historic downtown and these three New Braunfels museums when you stay with New Braunfels Escapes. We have dozens of charming New Braunfels rentals within steps of the Guadalupe and Comal rivers, the United States’ shortest river. New Braunfels, Texas, is a popular year-round destination for families in search of outdoor water adventures, especially tubing, swimming, and kayaking! Give us a call today at 1-830-632-5455 to book a well-deserved Texas getaway with New Braunfels Escapes!