New Braunfels drive-in movieYou find that perfect parking spot with a great view, you tune the radio through the static until you reach the correct station, and you pile up the blankets and pillows. Now you’re ready to enjoy a New Braunfels drive-in movie! There’s something nostalgic in the excitement of driving into the theater and getting ready to enjoy a film in the company of your loved ones. Whether a drive-in movie brings back lovely childhood memories or you’re looking forward to enjoying one for the first time, a visit to Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theater offers you an incredible experience. Book a Texas vacation with New Braunfels Escapes and take advantage of this great attraction. Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theater is open year round, so no matter when you visit you can participate in one of the most entertaining things to do in New Braunfels. Here is more information about how to enjoy a New Braunfels drive-in movie!

Family Fun in New Braunfels

With prices so low at Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theater, you’ll think you accidentally traveled back in time! A family night-out to the beloved New Braunfels drive-in is one of the most affordable ways to have fun while on vacation. Don’t just catch one great film at this magical location, but watch two! Each ticket grants you access to a double feature of two movies specifically matched up by our expert staff! The New Braunfels drive-in is also open rain or shine, so you can always count on a night filled with family fun. Once you park the car, make a stop at the on-site snack bar called the 50s Cafe for some delicious treats and refreshments. With daily showings during the summer months and shows three to five days a week in the fall and winter, the fun never stops at Stars and Stripes! Head just minutes from your beautiful New Braunfels Escapes rentals and enjoy a memorable movie night!

New Braunfels Drive-In Things to Remember

Before you head to the theater to enjoy this fantastic New Braunfels drive-in, there are a few things that are important to remember. As mentioned earlier, each ticket is for a double-feature on the same screen. Feel free to leave after the first film, or leave your parked car and return just for the second film. If you would like to see a movie happening on one of the other two drive-in screens, you will need to exit the theater and drive back in to purchase a ticket to that screen. Stars and Stripes also ask that you be courteous neighbors while enjoying the films. If you are watching from your hatch-back, please be mindful not to obstruct anyone else’s view and make sure your truck doesn’t reach above the top of your vehicle.

New Braunfels Escapes

Make your way to the Lone Star State this season and enjoy a lovely night out to this family fun New Braunfels drive-in! A trip to this unique theater during a Texas vacation is sure to make lasting memories. Book a stay at the gorgeous vacation rentals provided by New Braunfels Escapes and take advantage of all that this great city has to offer!